The Baía do Tejo Business Center offers a wide range of solutions from independent offices, to coworking. And also virtual offices for those who are working from home and, at the same time, want to meet at a professional business center.

Located in Barreiro Business Park, with access to major transportation routes and public transport for easy city travel, with nearby restaurants, stores and public services.

We believe that flexible and versatile infrastructures should meet with our customers needs, so we present a wide selection of spaces with variable areas.
Business Center
Office Buildings
starting at 55sqm
Office Condominiums
from 16sqm to 38sqm
Fully remodelled multipurpose pavilions with highly functional architecture are located in a pleasant, safe environment at the hub of the consolidated area of the Barreiro Business Park.

They include offices and complete sanitary facilities, built in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Fully adaptable or turnkey, these spaces are sufficiently sized, with high ceilings and access for heavy vehicle loading and unloading. Two or more pavilions can also be interconnected to conveniently expand the overall work space or make it smaller, as needed.
Multipurpose Pavilions
starting at 120sqm
Industrial Land
Salispark is a real estate site with 57 plots of infrastructured land. Logistical, commercial, industrial and services are uses allowed.

Total construction area of 42.323sqm and a total area of land of 48.207sqm.

The Barreiro Business Park also has vast outdoor areas for setting up business activities with a wide range of specific uses.
Industrial Land
starting at 400sqm