For small and medium-sized companies, the Business Center offers a variety of solutions.

Located in the former Siderurgia Nacional building, the offices offer various types of work environments from 23 to 34sqm, plus multiples of 12sqm, separate or interconnected, in all three floors of the building.

Business Center is acessible to main roads and public transportation. Private parking is also available.
Office Condominiums
from 23 to 34sqm
Recently built multipurpose pavilions with highly functional architecture, steel structure and thermal insulation. Ceilings up to 7,50sqm heights and complete infrastructures, they were built according to regulations. The floor is designed to support heavy loads.

For medium-sized commercial companies, logistical activities and industrial activities, each space has outside parking areas for passenger vehicles and heavy trucks.
Multipurpose Pavilions
from 540 to 710sqm
Industrial Land
With railroad and good road access, the Seixal Business Park has a wide range of uncovered areas for any kind of industrial activity.
Industrial Land
from 5.500sqm